About Flora Vida by Marian

Flora Vida by Marian was borne out of Marian Rivera-Dantes' fascination and love for flowers.

In March 2017, Yan visited Kyoto to attend a special class on floristry under the artful guidance and instruction of a world-renowned florist, one of Japan’s best.

Marian immersed herself in learning contemporary and traditional styles of flower arrangement in preparation for her luxury floral boutique, and the oriental influence can be seen in her own craftsmanship.

Not long after her trip, with the support of her doting husband, Dingdong Dantes, “Flora Vida by Marian” was launched — an online flower shop that specializes in preserved flower arrangements, personally prepared and designed by Yan herself.

Fresh flowers have infinite possibilities and, in arranging them in different ways, have the ability to evoke feelings or create moods without using words, with their fragrance and their color.

It is unfortunate that the sprightly freshness of flowers pass on too quickly to be fully appreciated by many.

Flora Vida, which means “living flower” or “flower life,” found a way to extend the beauty of its flower arrangements for you to appreciate and admire.

Through a technique that was shared to Marian, Flora Vida uses flowers that have been carefully preserved, their delicate life and unmatched beauty surpassing the expected duration of their prime of only 3-4 days.

Since Flora Vida’s flower arrangements use preserved flowers, these flowers can last for up to two years with proper care and storage.

You don’t need to water them or give them sunlight. Just keep them in a slightly cool and dry spot in your home, away from dust. With minimal care, you can enjoy your Flora Vida preserved flowers for a very long time.

The preservation technique used for Flora Vida’s blooms allow flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly picked. This is achieved by picking the flowers when they are most beautiful and radiant. They then undergo a rehydration process with the final result being delicate and fragrant flowers with a completely natural fragrance and appearance.

It is Marian’s dream and passion to share with you the joy and positivity she feels from being surrounded by beautiful flowers while making her Flora Vida creations.

It is Marian’s hope that her humble Flora Vida creations can bring happiness to your home and to your loved ones.